Quick And Easy Quilting Tips And Tricks

Practice makes perfect is the age-old adage. But what if you didn’t have the time to practice? If you are looking for ways to take your quilting game to the next level, why not try some of these simple tricks that not only save time but will also help you improve your accuracy and finishing.

The primary rule of quick quilting is to have all your pieces cut ahead of time. If a project calls for a more intricate piece, that can be cut at the beginning of the project an kept separately. Generally speaking, fabric can be cut into more accommodating shapes like squares that can later be trimmed. They can also be stacked according to size, shape or color to make it easier to pick out the pieces you need for the quilt.

A quilter is only as good as their machines, so remember to take good care of the sewing machine by servicing it regularly. This can be as simple as running the machine with a few drops of oil or as complex as taking it apart and giving it a deep clean, though it is recommended that the machine is sent to the company for servicing yearly rather than taking it apart at home.

One of the easiest ways to save time is to prewind your bobbins with neutral color thread. If you are working exclusively on a single colour, then this step just got easier. Not only does this save time winding bobbins before each quilting session, it is especially helpful when you are attending a class or taking your quilt along with you on a journey.

Lastly, when stitching, make sure that to leave a seam allowance. This prevents the cloth from ripping when pulled. You can also opt to stitch the pieces together using a chain piecing method (feeding fabric pieces for stitching without a break) as this saves thread and the time taken to stop and start each time.

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