Use Your Sewing Machine To Create Beautiful Quilts

sewing machine1

The fundamentals of hand and machine quilting remain the same, though the process is slightly different. For one, quilting by hand is extremely time consuming when compared to quilting by machine. However, beginner quilters will find it more difficult to maneuver the machine’s needle over a more complex path. In order to quilt efficiently, it is imperative to have as much space as possible, such as a large dining table, to spread your quilt across when working. This leads to less likeliness of overstitching the fabric. Using coordinating threads and bobbins will also lend your finished product a more polished look. Every sewing machine performs differently, so a trial run may be in order to find the right tension setting for your particular machine.

Half of the quilting process lies in getting the details right. Make sure you have a quilting plan and stick to it. It might seem unnecessary for a simple design but drawing out the final design will help keep the goal within sight. It may also seem reasonable to start on smaller projects first before working your way up to a full sized quilt. The secret is to never give up in the middle, even if the project looks like it may be a failure. A splendid idea is to gift your failed quilting projects; the recipient will be too touched to notice the flaws.

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